The Benefits

Every once in a while something happens to throw life upside down. Whether it is having your handbag or wallet stolen, water coming through your ceiling or having an accident on holiday the following questions will probably go through your mind:

“How am I going to fix this?”
“Who can I turn to to help sort this out?”
“How am I going to pay for anything?”

This is probably the stage where you will start panicking about what you should do next.

No need to worry!! If you’re covered by 08000 helpme all you need to do is call for free on
08000 H-E-L-P-M-E (435763) and we will sort everything out for you. With 08000 helpme you can be prepared for the unexpected with the assurance of anytime access to trusted professionals to resolve your personal emergency and give you support and advice with just one call. The service also works abroad so you are covered anywhere 24/7.

Just remember ONE CALL SORTS IT ALL!


Lost or Stolen Cards

If your Credit and/or Debit cards are lost or stolen, wherever you are in the world, we will assist with the cancellation and replacement of the cards helping to reduce the chance of fraudulent use.

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ID Theft Protection

Should you lose or have a wallet, handbag or other personal documents stolen or if you suspect that you may be the victim of identity theft then 08000 helpme will try to help resolve the situation and help establish measures to prevent possible future identity theft.

You will be allocated a dedicated expert to help establish whether your identity has been stolen and provide you with practical help and advice. They will be able to create an action plan for you and work with you to clear your good name.

If necessary they can also help you take preventative measures such as CIFAS registration and also by obtaining your credit report and monitoring it for a 12 month period to make sure you are not subject to an identity theft attack.

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Wallet, Handbag, and Key Services

If you talk to anybody that has lost a set of keys they will tell you how much frustration and worry it causes. 08000 help me provides you with high quality individually coded durable key tags. Should those keys be lost the finder is invited to call 08000 helpme or post them in any Royal Mail post box. They are then sent to our key recovery centre where your details are retrieved. Following an authenticity check direct with you the keys are then sent back to you via registered post for added comfort and protection.

In addition to makes sure that your home or vehicle do not become an easy target for thieves our "Help Me" find a Locksmith service will arrange to have a fully registered locksmith attend your home or car if your keys are lost or stolen.

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Lost or stolen mobile phone

If you lose your mobile phone or it is stolen, we will provide assistance in reporting the loss or theft of your mobile phone by reporting the loss or theft on your behalf to your network provider. Currently, this service is only available in respect of the following network operators: Vodafone, Orange, 02, T-Mobile. 3 Mobile and Virgin. Our aim is to make sure that you do not end up paying for someone else's call.

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Home Emergency

Whatever your home emergency through 08000 helpme you have 24/7 access to qualified and vetted tradesmen at a fixed price.
Our qualified home emergency team will assess your requirements and then attend your home to carry out an emergency repair to make sure that there is no risk to your health or no further damage to your home - all for a fixed price including call-out, labour and any parts required. We will resolve your problem without you worrying about the size of the bill – you'll know in advance exactly how much you will pay.

Our home emergency team and fixed prices include

Plumbers - £85 plus VAT
Central Heating & Boiler Engineers - £170 plus VAT
Electricians - £95 plus VAT
Drainage Specialists - £140 plus VAT

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In Case of Emergency (I.C.E.)

In a panic it can be difficult to remember what to do. Whilst we are always ready to help by registering your details with 08000 helpme it enables us to act quickly on your behalf.
We can immediately help prevent thieves from misusing your cards or mobile phone by ensuring it is reported as quickly as possible.
We can help arrange replacements for your passport or driving licence.
We can contact your child's school if you are unable to get there to collect them.
We can get a message to anyone you nominate as an.I.C.E (In case of emergency) contact.

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"Help Me" Get Cash

Have you had your cash or cards stolen outside the home with no access to funds?
If cash, traveller's cheques or credit/debit cards are lost or stolen, we can help arrange for you to receive emergency cash. Cash is the last thing you want to worry about so - in an emergency we can agree an advance and organise emergency funds to be sent to you.

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"Help Me Home Fast"

In a crisis if you need to get home fast then 08000 helpme can arrange taxis, flights or other transport to get you home as quickly as possible.
In the event of an emergency, we can arrange for transport to get you home. From organising a taxi to providing an executive or chauffeur driven car service we can help make sure that you get to where you need to be. If you are overseas we can advise of the first available flights home (and may also assist you in making a reservation and the issuing of tickets) and if necessary arrange for the hire of a car to get you home. We can even arrange for overnight accommodation to be booked if no alternatives can be found that day.

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Motor Breakdown

If you’ve broken down and don't have roadside recovery already, don't worry, we can arrange for a roadside repair and/or recovery to a local garage or home.

Just like our home emergency service all work is carried out at a fixed price - so you know how much it will cost before the roadside recovery team in despatched to you.

If the vehicle cannot be repaired then you can be recovered to a destination of your choice for £1.50 per mile including the distance that the driver has to return.

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Emergency Medical Services

If you are away from home and you need medical help of any kind we will be able to give details of the nearest Doctor, Optician or Pharmacist and advise you of the language spoken.

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Legal Services

Away from home and need a lawyer fast? We can put them in touch with a local English speaking lawyer to advise you in any situation.

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Travel Services

The last thing you need in an emergency is difficulty explaining yourself. 08000 helpme employs interpreters who can explain a situation on your behalf. We also provide luggage labels – strong durable tags to help recover lost bags.

You can see the full terms and conditions by clicking on this link: 08000 helpme Terms & Conditions

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